We believe it is important to give back and help those who need help. We have been fortunate to have the support of so many customers all throughout the USA and beyond and we want your help to pay that forward. Since our inception we have donated arcade machines, held fundraisers and cut checks for great organizations like: Moffitt Cancer center, Clearwater Free Clinic, Chi Chi Rodriguez Academy, The Special Olympics and more. We would now like our customers to have a say in who we help.


Love In 8 Bit

Through our new initiative “Love In 8 Bit” we are asking our customers to help connect their favorite charity with us to give away arcade machines. At checkout, for every arcade machine we sell on Suncoastarcade.com, we will give the option to select the charity that you would like to help. Once a charity receives 15 votes we will ship them, free of charge, a brand new arcade machine. These arcade machines can be used in hospitals, schools, special events etc. to entertain patients, children, adults or used as charity auction items and help raise hundreds of dollars per arcade machine.


All you need to do is have an authorized representative from your favorite 501c3 charity fill out the form below. Once a charity has gone through the screening process, we will consider them to be added to our website. Each year we will choose 4-5 different charities. Then it is up to you to spread the word. Share it on Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

 Charity Sign Up Request Form
Only to be filled out by authorized charity representative
Please fill out form completely

Please note that any canceled or refunded orders will not count towards a charities count. All donations are at the sole discretion of Suncoast Arcade Inc. and its representatives.