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where does avelo fly ? Velo Airlines' flight path By addressing the need for reasonably priced air travel, Avelo Airlines hopes to provide inexpensive and user-friendly travel options. They run out of multiple secondary airports throughout the West Coast of the United States, frequently eschewing large hubs to cut expenses and give customers a more efficient service. They can provide affordable prices and easy access to underdeveloped markets by utilizing secondary airports.

In Southern California's Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR), Avelo Airlines first opened for business. They operated flights to several locations in the Western United States, such as cities in California, Oregon, Montana, Arizona, Utah, and more, from this facility. They operated flights to numerous locations in the beginning, such as Santa Rosa, Arcata/Eureka, Redding, Eugene, Bozeman, Phoenix/Mesa, Grand Junction, and Medford.

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where does avelo fly ?

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