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Bust through Each Ghoulish Level

Published: November 23rd, 2021

Author: Caitlynn Joann


The Real Ghostbusters was released in 1987 by Data East. This game was coded by David Crane, who was also behind the development of Atari’s “Pitfall.” The Real Ghostbusters was based on a Japanese arcade game, Meikyuu Hunter G. Meikyuu Hunter G only featured 8 levels and 2 players as well as less weaponry. The Real Ghostbusters features 10 levels and 3 players.

The Real Ghostbusters is viewed from an angled overhead perspective where the player controls a member of the Ghostbusters team, distinguished with Peter Venkman in blue, Egon Spengler in yellow, and Ray Stanz in red jumpsuits. Players must use three 8-way joysticks along with two buttons for firing at enemies.

The player must defend against various monsters and ghosts to complete each level, all while beating the clock. Monsters are killed when the player shoots them. Characters are armed with guns as well as Proton Beams. Once creatures are shot with either weapon, they are transformed into ghosts. Ghosts can then be zapped with the proton beam to store them in the player’s backpack. Ammunition for the gun is unlimited while the proton beam has a limited charge, displayed at the top of the screen. If the player crosses two proton beams, it combines an ultra-powerful beam. Near the charge display, the number of remaining lives is also displayed as well as the number of ghosts collected.

Players can earn bonus points by trapping the monster's soul. This can be accomplished by using a proton beam to suck the ghost inside. Bonus items are adorned on the screen in hidden locations, such as in oil drums or behind wheelbarrows. These items might be weapon upgrades or slimer ghosts, which aid the player in killing enemies. A bonus life is awarded for every hundredth ghost delivered. At the end of each level, a “mega ghost” must be defeated, which leaves a key behind to unlock the next level.



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