If you love fighting games like King of Fighters, Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, etc. then this is the game for you! Whether you like to challenge a friend to a head to head game or want to test your skills against the computer, this machine offers hours of excitement and fun. With 750 fighting arcade games you will never get bored! This brand new arcade machine features a 19" lcd screen, 2 competition style joysticks, full side graphics and a full size coin door. It can be set to either free play or quarter play and can easily be changed at any time.


*Please note, if you like retro games like Pacman, we recommend the Full Size 60 or 412 arcade machines. 

Full Size Side-By-SideArcade Machine | 750 Games

SKU: 0037
T-Molding Color Options
Marquee Bracket Color